Everyday Lip Shades

I have been away for so long! Oops (was busy with a lot of personal stuff- anyway, I am back for good :D). Today I thought I’d share some details about my favorite lip shades. These are my most worn lip products (lip pencil, lip sticks and lip balms).


I am a makeup junkie! I love everything about makeup and I am a sort of person who tends to wear all sorts of lip shades- from very neutral to extremely dark and bold. Today, however, I am sharing my top everyday shades. These range from more neutral and my-lips-but-better shades to corally red shades, which are slightly bolder yet still appropriate for everyday.


My top seven lip choices are:

  • Sheer Lip Colour  by Laura Mercier, in the shade Baby Lips
  • Lasting Finish Lipstick by Rimmel London, in the shade Paradise
  • Sheer Lipstick by NARS, in the shade Mayflower
  • AMC Matte Lip Pencil/ Crayon by Inglot, shade number 32
  • Lustre finish Lipstick by MAC, in the shade Plink
  • Lip butter by Revlon, in the shade Candy Apple
  • Colour Boost Lip Crayon by Bourjoisin the shade Orange Punch


Starting with Inglot, this lip pencil is the perfect Kylie Jenner lip shade- mauvey pink brown. It’s matte and extremely long lasting. The only down side is that continuous use can dry out lips which I have been a victim of. So I suggest applying a very thin layer of lip balm and letting it sink in before applying this lip pencil. Also, it works beautifully with other lipsticks and helps in making them more long lasting.

This Revlon Lip Butter range is moisturizing and extremely comfortable to wear. Candy Apple gives a sheer color pay off in the orangey red shade, which is appropriate for everyday and is not over the top. It is a nice shade to add a hint of color to brighten up your face.

NARS lipstick in Mayflower is another moisturizing lipstick which gives a peachy pink color that mimics the natural lip color, at least mine it does. It is definitely my most worn lipstick. When in doubt, I just wear it and I am good to go. A no-brainer for sure.

MAC lipstick in the shade Plink is a very light pink shade with silver hue. The Lustre formula is very moisturizing and makes it very comfortable to wear. It looks lovely with smokey eyes. I also use it to make some of my matte colors more sheeny- a good topper for many lipsticks.


Rimmel London has some of the best lipsticks at the drugstore. This color Paradise is moisturizing and is browny pink in shade. It wears beautifully and I feel it is more long lasting than most of the sheer/moisturizing formulas.

The shade Baby Lips from Laura Mercier is yet again a neutral color, but slightly deeper than most. It is more of a peachy mauve shade. This lipstick feels more like a hydrating lip treatment than a lipstick. It conditions the lips and makes them plump and gorgeous. I highly recommend it for people with dry lips.

Last but not the least, Orange punch by Bourjois. It is a gorgeous corally orange shade which screams spring and summer. The formula is very moisturizing and it adds a bright pop of color in the most subtle way. Even when it wears off, it leaves a nice coral tint to the lips which again looks natural and lovely.


Please click the links to compare the price points. It may vary from country to country based on taxes, availability and shipment charges if applicable. Nontheless, NARS and Laura Mercier are higher end lipsticks. MAC and Inglot have a mid price range while Rimmel, Revlon and Bourjois are drugstore lipsticks.



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