Colored Nails

When it comes to nail polishes, I have no summer/winter color rule. I am the sort of person who can unapologetically rock deep burgundy shade during July and bright coral in January. I will wear anything my heart desires, basically. However, recently I have been obsessing over neutral-goes-with-everything sort of shades, with somewhat exception of one. I think it has to do with the fact, that my 9 to 5 routine has gotten to me and I want low-maintenance, no-brainer and quick-fix in my life when it comes to essentially everything including my nails. You can also call me lazy. These are my top nail polish choices recently.

nail 1.jpg

  • Tanya Burr’s nail polish in the shade Penguin Chic
  • Color Studio Professional’s nail polish in the shade Bosphorus
  • Essence Color & Go nail polish in the shade Modern Romance


I absolutely love this unique shade. It’s taupey-gray with a slight tint of purple. With one coat it gives light taupey-lilacy color which is neutral and looks gorgeous. With two coats, however, it gives a deep grayey-purpley shade, which again looks stunning but doesn’t seem neutral or natural. So I always consider this nail polish as two in one. With the usual base coat and top coat, this nail polish can last unchipped for a week, which is pretty good in my opinion. With two coats of Penguin Chic, it can last well over a week as well. The application goes smooth and it is perfect for at-home-manicure. I bought this nail polish from feelunqiue last year. This came in a pack of three and was part of Exclusive Collection by Eye Candy. I am not sure if this is still available. However, I highly recommend Tanya Burr’s nail polishes in general as they are affordable and lasts a really long time on the nails.



I have also been loving Essence’s Color & Go nail polish in the shade Modern Romance. This is light pink shade with very fine pink glitter, which is hardly noticeable when applied on the nails.  I love the square shaped applicator, it makes the process of polish application very easy. With the usual top and base coat, this lasts for about a week. This range has many gorgeous shades and is extremely inexpensive ($2-3). Essence is also readily available online and in drugstores across Pakistan.


The not-so-neutral shade that I have been loving is Bosphorus from Color Studio Professional. I love this mint shade and the fact that it is muted makes it somewhat neutral, in my opinionThis has a matte finish and with two coats it can last a week even without base and top coat. Color Studio nail polishes have been my favorite for matte finishes. They have great color selection particularly when it comes to neon bright shades. These again are very inexpensive and are easily available online and in drugstores across Pakistan.

Try the website Just4girls for full range of Essence and Color Studio Professional cosmetics.

Which nail color have you been wearing the most recently?

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