Off the Internet: Owlpost

I am a sucker for online shopping. I love browsing various websites, Facebook pages and Instagram accounts which are willing to sell pretty much anything. Unfortunate for my bank account, I do end up spending quite a bit mostly unplanned on these advertised products.

So I came up with the idea of reviewing my online shopping experience with you guys- from delivery mode to the product itself and everything in between. I am planning to call these series ‘Off the Internet’. In these posts I will be giving honest opinion if I think the website, Facebook page or Instagram account is worth the splurge or not. Cool, no?

My very first review is about this really cool, themed monthly book subscription service called Owlpost.

Image taken from internet

My sister came across Owlpost’s Facebook page and as soon as we read the ‘About’ section, we knew we had to order it.‘OwlPost is that dream monthly subscription box which delivers new Young Adult novel and cutesy theme related goodies to amp up your reading experience!’ SEE WHAT I MEAN? Kudos for this catchy sentence, Owlpost.

Ordering Process

The ordering process was fairly simple, we went to their website and made an online account which was pretty simple and straight forward to make. There were three subscription options to choose from: Month to Month, 3 Months Prepay and 6 Months Prepay. We opted for Month to Month subscription. Once all the personal details were filled and subscription option was chosen the order was placed. Instantly, we received an email which gave us the order number and confirmed our order placement.

Subscription Price 

The price for the Month to Month subscription is PKR 1999. However, 3 Months Prepay costs PKR 5700 and 6 Months Prepay is for PKR 10,800 there is definitely incentive to order 6 Months Prepay subscription! 


Delivery Time

According to the website the shipping takes about 2-3 business days with occasional 1-2 days delay on part of courier and is usually delivered between 15th to 20th of each month. We however, placed our order on the 16th June and received our parcel on 26th June. I was slightly bummed about 10 days delivery time but I guess it has to do with the fact that we ordered pretty late, so nothing serious there.

Payment Option

Currently Owlpost is accepting only Cash on Delivery which is my favorite mode of payment as it feels like we are buying as regular customers- getting to see our product before we pay.




The Box

The subscription was delivered in a cardboard box which was inspired by Harry Potter. The illustrations, font, written text and the wax stamp on the wrapping tissue paper were all screaming Harry Potter. These little details definitely elevated the box to another level. I am sure all the HP fans would go gaga over it!

Inside the Box

Inside the box we got:

  • A novel, ‘The Unexpected Everything’ by Morgan Matson
  • A beautiful page which tells the theme of the box and lists all that is included
  • Lovely write up ‘One Summer Love Ago’ by Khadija Arham
  • A pair of Uber sunnies
  • An Uber key ring
  • Handmade book place mat by The Crystal Cat Cabal
  • A spiral notepad
  • A ‘Nerd let Loose’ tag
  • A summer themed sugar cookie by Mini Treats
  • Two Owlpost stickers
  • Free uber rides to Liberty Books, Mall of Lahore (for customers in Lahore only)
  • Free book for those who take Uber ride and check-in at the Liberty Bookstore (for customers in Lahore only)


Who would Enjoy this Box

I think two sort of people would really enjoy this subscription box:

  1. The book worms who are always looking to read something new. Since this subscription includes new book releases (maximum 2 months of release), it is ideal for those who find it hard to track new books in Pakistan.
  2. For people like me, who enjoy reading IF they get their hands on a book but are too lazy to go book shopping. This subscription brings a book to your doorstep so no excuses to not read.

Value for Money?

For PKR 1999, this box is definitely value for money. The book included is original with soft cover. It is priced for £7.99, which is around PKR 1300 (pre Brexit, lol). Along with the book, all the other things are of extremely good quality including the box itself.



Packaging Details

I loved how the items were perfectly packed inside the box. However, the sugar cookie should have been packed in a better way. Unfortunately, the paper packing of the cookie was not enough to keep it secure. Oily/buttery residue overflew a bit and spoiled the tissue packaging and the stickers. Luckily, the book was perfectly intact, otherwise it would have been a bummer!




I really enjoyed this subscription service. There are, however, a few suggestions that I would like to give Owlpost so that they can further improve their service

  • Package food items in a better and more secure way
  • Mention expiry date on food item
  • Since two of the services that came along with the subscription box were only for customers in Lahore, Owlpost should compensate customers in other cities by adding 1 or 2 additional things in their boxes.

Overall Feedback

It is an awesome idea and they are executing it in an even awesome way. I highly recommend it to all book lovers out there! Do let me know if you give it a try.

PS: This is not a sponsored post.

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